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Benjamin Paul Ballance Drew (born 22 October 1983), better known as Plan B, is a British rapper, singer and actor from Forest Gate, London. Plan B released his critically acclaimed debut album “Who Needs Actions When You Got Words” in 2006. In 2010, he released his second album “The Defamation of Strickland Banks” which went into the UK chart album at #1.

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You never forget your first love. For Ben Drew, there was a brief flirtation with the He-Man cartoon character around the age of six, but the plastic figurines were forgotten a year later when he heard Michael Jackson. Ben loved the videos, loved the voice, loved the dancing and the artful blend of soul, funk and pop. “He was my first idol,” he smiles. “I was obsessed with Michael Jackson.”

Later, there was Ian Wright and Arsenal FC. There was jungle music and hip hop, The Prodigy and punk, and wanting to be a rebel like Johnny Rotten. There was trying to fit in at school and never quite succeeding, then learning to put on a hard front to protect himself: “Growing up in London, you’ve got to be pretty tough, you’ve got to let people know that they can’t fuck with you. But a part of Ben always stayed faithful to the soul he’d first heard. He loved listening to classic Motown tunes on the radio, or singing along to cheesy R&B acts like Boyz II Men. “I just found I could sing that stuff naturally, so when I first started writing songs seriously, and teaching myself how to play guitar, it was soul song after soul song. Just pure love songs. I was 14, I’d never been in love, but I had a good understanding of what love might be. And almost every song had the word ‘love’ in its title!

Ben wanted to be heard, but no one wanted to listen to a white boy from Forest Gate singing silly love songs. He began to rap, but that didn’t fit either: “I went down that whole route of just rapping about myself, saying my name and talking about how great I was – all that bravado rap. But it was shit. No one cares where Forest Gate is and all that. I don’t sell crack, I’m not a pimp – who’s going to be interested?” Then Eminem came along, and taught him it was OK to be himself, to rap in the voice of a white boy from London’s East End. “He was brilliant, he changed the whole game. He didn’t just influence white rappers, he influenced everyone. He showed that hip hop that didn’t have to be about the rings and the money and the hos.”

Rapping and singing in his own accent, playing his guitar, Ben began to tell stories about the world he’d grown up in. Some songs were written from personal experience (‘Mama Loves A Crackhead’), but most involved characters he’d invented (like ‘Kidz’, inspired by the murder of south London schoolboy Damilola Taylor). “Kidz was the first song that I wrote that was character-based. It wasn’t pre-meditated, I heard the beat and it just started coming out. But it felt right. When I’m trying to make a statement in my rap lyrics, I never really pull it off. I’m able to get a message across better when I tell a story. From then on, I wanted every song to be like a different short film.”

It seems that the Forest Gate kid who shocked the public back in 2006 with the line “I’ll stab you in the eye, yo, With a fucking biro, The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, You fucking wino” has grown up. “I’ve calmed down a hell of a lot. I’ve realised what my issues are. I’ve had anger management for a year because I kept on getting arrested. Some people still think I’m an angry little estate kid who wants to get people’s attention by saying really nasty horrible things but I’m not that and I want people to know that I’m not that. If you went and saw a Martin Scorsese film and it was exactly the same as his last film you’d be like, ‘what the fuck was the point in that?’. I’m a director but I’m choosing to do my films through music – a film for the blind. Just close your eyes listen to the story.”

His involvement in the film Harry Brown also gave Ben his first top 10 hit in the shape of ‘End Credits’, a collaboration with drum’n’bass duo Chase and Status recorded for the film’s soundtrack. When it came to working on his own follow-up album, however, the soul he’d put aside kept bubbling back up. It started with the sweet, sexy ‘Love Goes Down’. “That song just happened organically. It was just me sitting down at home, playing a couple of chords and making love to the music. All the lyrics are basically pillow talk – chatting up the music, basically.” Read the whole biography »

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